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Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
Another great thing about Colorado (and the midwest in general): air quality.

Maybe that sounds stupid, or maybe it sounds obvious. But when I went out there this past summer I brought two types of allergy/sinus medicine with me and expected to use it daily because of all the trees and pollens and such.

That wasn't the case at all. I didn't need the medicine even once, because everything was just so much cleaner. When I got back and was on the drive home from the airport I said, "Yep. Can totally tell I'm home." Since being back I'm very reliant on it, and after my experience with the midwest I just cough it up to ****** air quality around here.
Depends where you're at...Denver definitely suffers from some smog problems. Derived mostly from the geographic nature of the region (mountains) trapping stuff there--based on what I was told during the short time I was living out there.

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