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09-11-2004, 03:16 PM
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I get it, the players are being punished

Originally Posted by George Bachul
pld, you aren't getting it. Many people don't. If the Rangers give a guy $5 million or Detroit gives a guy $5 million...every comparable player in that category wants the same cash. Those teams can afford the money, so in truth aren't doing anything wrong.

And with the ridiculous arbitration system, agents use the highest paid comparable to achieve the best possible award. It is an inflationary system.(You can imagine the number of guys using Marty Lapointe as a comparable for arbitration. :lol )

So in effect, the problem doesn't lay with Holik getting a large contract because the Rangers can afford is the salary pull on every other comparable player on every other team(Especially the lower revenue stream teams) that causes the problem.
for the owners inability to say no, and by that I mean all owners.

But for the Lapointe comment, the folks going through arbitration cannot use his contract as an example due to the fact that he was a UFA when he was signed and UFA contracts are not allowed to be used when arguing an arbitration case.

In fact any UFA contract I would argue has no bearing on the overall level of Leagues salary problems. The arbitration process that the owners pushed for has backfired to the point of detriment and will not be part of the next CBA.

The problem is that the Owners, again, have a problem weilding the hammer during a players first 5-10 years in the league. Players hold out until they get what they are looking for from the owners and when a player comes up on a contract year that is the model by which they compare themselves during the arbitration hearings.

Milbury giving Peca more than what he was looking for from Buffalo is a much bigger league problem than Holik making 9 million a year. Milbury giving Yashin 2 5 year contracts that totaled out to 90 million also have more of an impact on today's salaries than the deal that Holik got.

I get it that the owners need for someone to be made to be held accountable for their eff-ups and since they dare not look at themselves the players will have to bear the brunt of the owners in essense slapping themselves on the wrist.

To me, something is wrong with that.

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