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09-11-2004, 04:02 PM
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I liken this to my business. I work at a small boutique investment bank. We cannot afford to pay the salaries and offer the platform that a Goldman Sachs can offer, but somehow we manage to stay in business. Nobody's out there trying to help us out at all, and we're on our own to compete. If a team cannot make the $$$ necessary to stay in the league, maybe it should be folded or moved, a la the many teams that have moved in the last 30 years.

And yes Edge, unless you're a saint you'd try to get out as much as possible and aren't sitting there saying to yourself, hmmm, I should not take the $8 million contract being offered to me, I should go with the team offering $5 million because it's better for the league. I don't see anybody doing that, and wouldn't expect you or I to do if we were in the position to do so.

And yeah, making a couple million a year less hurts even when you're making millions. Yeah, it means less cars, but if that's what makes the guy happy, then let him be happy. They have every right to make as much money as possible. Noone, I believe, is asking for someone to feel sorry for these guys, and I don't, but I can understand their position. I couldn't imagine working where my salary's capped and the rest go to my owners. My bonus is based on my group's performance, and it's unlimited (sounds like a big word, but just means that there's no cap).

And as mentioned JC...I don't feel sorry, nor do I think anybody's asking to be felt sorry for. Just stating why these guys feel it necessary to fight what quite possibly should be there's.

You'd be amazed what a $100 means to multi-millionaires and even billionaires. I get amazed every time because I'm mostly a generous person when it comes down to money and don't bicker over a lot of numbers. These guys look for the last cent every time, which is why they became so wealthy, in many cases.

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