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09-11-2004, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by George Bachul
pld, you aren't getting it. Many people don't. If the Rangers give a guy $5 million or Detroit gives a guy $5 million...every comparable player in that category wants the same cash. Those teams can afford the money, so in truth aren't doing anything wrong.

And with the ridiculous arbitration system, agents use the highest paid comparable to achieve the best possible award. It is an inflationary system.(You can imagine the number of guys using Marty Lapointe as a comparable for arbitration. :lol )

So in effect, the problem doesn't lay with Holik getting a large contract because the Rangers can afford is the salary pull on every other comparable player on every other team(Especially the lower revenue stream teams) that causes the problem.
Completely agree. The league could seriously fold under the current system. People just do not get it. Its not a question of who's fault at this point - it doesn't matter. The system is flawed and needs fixed.

Under the current system the owners can't say "no" to their star players or they lose season tickets holders who don't believe the ownership is fieling a competitive team. If they sign the players - the fans are happy but the bottom line isn't. The actions of a few completely scew the system. The owners want to fairly compensate the players but they need a healthy bottom line as well to remain viable. What the NHL is proposing is as much to control the owners as it is the player's salaries.

Bottom line is the two need to work together for the betterment of the league. The player's proposal was like using a band aid to heal a broken leg. It does nothing to solve the problem for the long term and in 5 years we are right back where we are today, probably with less franchises and higher player costs.

If the two sides can come up with system where they work as partners and both receive their fair share of the pie they can get this thing back on a healthy track. Based on what I've read/heard and common sense (look at TV ratings, player's salaries vs. other sports and the CBAs of other leagues) I believe right now the owner's recognize this, the players do not.

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