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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Réjean Tremblay is a french editorialist. He's not the great hockey analyst when it's about the game but he's still one of the most respectful journalist when it comes to get to the source.

maybe it will put some light into the ignorance of the pro-owners or the pro-lockout of this world.


It's like if we where on the conference table where some NHL Owners & a dozen of players & NHLPA speakers.

When we listen to the tape, we have the feeling that Bob Goodenow is trying to convince Gary Bettman & Bettman to told him that they are not on the same page.

It's fascinating. You want to know how much the owners want to cut players budget per year ? MORE THAN 450,000,000$. An average of 15,000,000$ per team. That's what Gary Bettman told to the NHLPA in the last meeting.

But we learn more about it. Bob Goodenow told the players & their agents that the supposed loss of the NHL teams were about 224M$ last year.

Six teams loss 169M$ of that 224M$ . Three of those six had 65,8M$ claim losses.

But this is not to shake Bob Goodenow. One the meeting tape he says That team is the NYRangers.

Goodenow continue without saying who is the next team he's talking about .

You will recognize that it was the St-Louis Blues property of one the girls of the Walton family. The Walton family is directly related to Wal Mart & that are multi-billionnaires.

Goodenow also explain that many teams are in an extreme difficult market. He specifically name the Carolina Hurricanes & the Anaheim Ducks. Goodenow said

The FANS are very critical over the PLAYERS. But it's the NHLPA that are making all the effort to negotiate so far. On that tape of the meeting, Goodenow remind everyone that the players put an offer last thursday.

It's fascinating to listen to Goodenow. It's more fascinating to think that every players & their agents are listening also. All they have to do is to call a number or go to a website with a password & they have an update of everything that's going on with the negotiations.

It's obvious that the players are winning the war of communication. Trevor Linden & Vinny Damphousse are very articulate & convinced. They answers their emails 18 hours a day.

The players are prepared for a lockout. Some like Joel Bouchard try to organize to create a temporary league that the players would play in some Quebec cities. José Théodore talked about what will happen if there's a lockout. His potential losses is about 8M$ CDN but he doesn't lose his smile. He's convince like his other teammates that there's a war to battle & that we have to do it for everyone that will play in the NHL today or someday.

The owners neglect one important aspect in that conflict. The players are educated & used to respect their leader & to sacrify themselves.

It starts at 12 years old & they obey to the coach & follow their captain. Older, their are experienced & physical, the fight for their smaller teammated, they go in the corners to pass the puck to the talented players.

So if their coach is Goodenow & their captains are Linden & Damphousse told them to fight, they will fight. That's how they made of.


''Just a side note that almost 90% of the editorials that Tremblay have made about today's era of players , he was always very critical about them so to him to talk about that , that way, says a lot ''
Wow - so the players are using the internet now, even password protected pages..get out..

So this article is bascially saying that even though the league lost 220+ mil its okay b/c its just 6 franchises - rediculous argument. The NHL still lost 220 MILLION DOLLARS!!

Let me ask you this - why do the other 3 major sports either have a salary cap or luxury tax? Their leagues aren't losing money (regardless of what multi-billionaire owns them) and they are far more successfull and generating far more revenue than the NHL. Yet even though the NHL brings in significantly less revenue than the big 3 and the players make the same salaries (even more than NFL players) the player's feel the NHL doesn't deserve to have any cost certainty?? Honestly, if you were an owner looking at the other sports, I think its pretty obvious which direction you would want to head.

Here is some breaking news for you - the salary cap is as much about controlling the owners as it is player's salaries. You don't think certain NFL owners would spend more if they could? The players will still be fairly compensated and the deserving star players will still make a signficant amount.

I want hockey as much as the next guy, but I can't blame the owners for recognizing the game needs some serious changes and looking at the other, more successfull leagues for a business model.

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