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09-11-2004, 04:57 PM
U mad ?
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Players want to keep their salaries... who could blame them ?

Owners want to make more cash for themselves... see above.

Something is not right in the marvelous world of hockey, and that's money. Now of course we can't change money, players and owners neither. Something is sure though, and it's that it's the fans that are suffering from this crap.

Greed greed GREED !

So tired of their childish demeanor... is it normal that somebody, anybody if anyone care, makes MILLIONS $ for PLAYING in a sport ? Ok, right, it's pro sport, they spent their youth PLAYING and 'developping' in junior hockey... they could have done something better, more intelligent, who knows... but they became pro hockey players.

Now it's not bad, wanting to be popular, some kind of icon for the common people while practicing a sport. Especially if these players are the best.

And the owners in all of that ? Of course, they 'own' their respective teams, and like anybody owning a 'company', they want it to flourish. Otherwise, what would be the goal ? Something is sure, though, it's that they became greedy. Too much greedy. They paid their players with big money, hoping to gather the best team. Not a bad idea, but it back-fired. Fortunately.

Fortunately ? Is that guy dumb ? Lol, perhaps !

This conflict isn't there for nothing... this league is in the wrong way, big time ! And I hope the players AND the owners will learn something out of this... sorrily, I don't think it will happen. But again, who knows ?

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