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04-07-2009, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by River Man View Post
This whole thing of putting a winger with Crosby and assuming increased production is wrong to say the least. Most wingers put with Crosby have produced what they always have. I don't see Sharp being the exception.

Secondly, Crosby is a 100 point scorer. The need to have a winger on his line who can pad his stats is a bit silly. Staal is very effective in his role on this team, and he produces nice shiny stats as well.

Sharp is a fine player, but management seems to be alright with keeping Staal, and why shouldn't they? He's been improving steadily throughout this career and his best years are ahead.
For all I care, the Pens should keep Staal.

But it is not silly to want to see what Crosby can do with a full-time sniper. If your logic is applied the other way, Crosby with a 35 points winger is just as good as Crosby with a 70 point winger, which is completely false.

The Pens go out and get Kunitz, and, BAM, instant results. It's a false logic to say that "Crosby is so good that he doesn't need good wingers" or that "playing with Crosby wouldn't increase a skillful winger's production".

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