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Originally Posted by Top Shelf
Wow - so the players are using the internet now, even password protected pages..get out..

So this article is bascially saying that even though the league lost 220+ mil its okay b/c its just 6 franchises - rediculous argument. The NHL still lost 220 MILLION DOLLARS!!

Let me ask you this - why do the other 3 major sports either have a salary cap or luxury tax? Their leagues aren't losing money (regardless of what multi-billionaire owns them) and they are far more successfull and generating far more revenue than the NHL. Yet even though the NHL brings in significantly less revenue than the big 3 and the players make the same salaries (even more than NFL players) the player's feel the NHL doesn't deserve to have any cost certainty?? Honestly, if you were an owner looking at the other sports, I think its pretty obvious which direction you would want to head.

Here is some breaking news for you - the salary cap is as much about controlling the owners as it is player's salaries. You don't think certain NFL owners would spend more if they could? The players will still be fairly compensated and the deserving star players will still make a signficant amount.

I want hockey as much as the next guy, but I can't blame the owners for recognizing the game needs some serious changes and looking at the other, more successfull leagues for a business model.
Those other 3 sports also have much larger TV national TV contracts. That might have something to do with the profitability, even though I disagree about most of them being profitable in the first place-especially baseball.

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