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09-11-2004, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
You're 2.7 million dollars isnt enough a year to live like a $#$#% prince of a small world country.

They obviously deserve much more.

I mean if we're gonna start factoring in kids and stuff.

Sorry but that's gotta be the biggest stretch i've ever seen in my life, even for these boards.
What's the stretch? It was stated that with 2.7 million dollars a person can live very comfortably for their entire lives.

I merely feel that a person can not live very comfortably for an entire life on that amount. You still need to go to work every day and have a job. You are not retiring on that amount of money and if raising a family is stetching things, well, what's your idea of a life?

Besides, I wasn't basing this on 2.7/yr. It was 2.7 total.

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