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09-11-2004, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd
I could not disagree with this post more.

1. the 5% roll back was a one time roll back that would have been swallowed up immediately by the automatic salary increases that are part of the current cba. If arbitration and the automatic 10% increase for players under the league average are not removed(and they are not part of this offer), that 5% roll back is back in the players pocket by the next season.
You are then suggesting the CBA isnt fair because players get raises. The overall payroll is still lower because older expensive players retire and younger players take their place. The payroll does drop down 5% even after the automatic 10% raise.


4. "Isn't it still the owners responsibility to run their business making sound financial decisions?". When you say that do you forget about teams like Boston say they wont pay $8.5m to Bill Guerin and $7m to Jason Allison and then get cut to pieces by their fan base for not being willing to make a commitment to winning?
Are you forgetting about lower revenue teams like Edmonton that regularly trade off their best players as they mature into arbitration eligible players because they can no longer afford the new salaries they would get? For every team like Toronto and Detroit that is loading up with all stars with big contracts at the trade deadline there are two teams that simply have to give up their franchise players for draft picks and prospects because they can't or won't pay the outragious prices.

You are pretty sure that if Boston had kept Guerin and Allison, they would have suceeded where LA and Dal failed? They did pretty well without them for a while as I recall.

For every team that loaded up like Det and Tor, there was a cheaper team, who didnt and had better success.

Quote: are in a very distinct minority that believes that offer, which increased the luxury tax threshold from $40m to $50m, was a good offer.

As we have learned, 75% of the owners losses were non salary related issues. They dont need more than this .

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