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09-11-2004, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
WRONG ! The only thing preventing a deal getting done is to the owner realizing that it's not a dictatorship era & that you have 2 sides to make a deal.
Yes it does take two sides to make a deal. But if the side that has to take all the losses decides that the other side will never give them any deal that will give them a reasonable chance to make money, they just shut down the league. That will be great for all the players, wouldn't it? Since they do provide ALL the financial backing for the league, they should have a big say in how it is run.

The options I listed answered most of the major concerns the anti-cap/greedy player side has voiced. I'm sure there are other options as well. If the players are going to outright reject a salary cap without looking at mechanisms such as this to resolve concerns, the only reason for this rejection would be greed. Why else?

Bad management? By some owners yes. If some owners don't mind losing money and that is causing problems with the other owners, a solution to that has to be negotiated in the CBA. The players don't want to give the owners a strong mechanism to control owner spending because of greed. If you think it is other wise, you are just a naive as you claimed everyone else is in your other thread.

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