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09-11-2004, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan

Taking a 5% paycut is being GREEDY ?
Taking a rookie entry level adjustment is being GREEDY ?
Offering a luxury tax is being GREEDY ?

5% paycut - This is a joke. They willl make that back the next season.

Rookie entry level adjustment - minor at best and then they just hold out for more money later

Luxury tax - yes any thing but allow the owners to not spend as much money as they are today.

The rest of your post, I must admit, I did not bother reading. Which is most likely what you do with anybody that disagrees with your point of view.

The players are all about greed. High player salaries do nothing for the fans or the teams. The players want to keep making all the money they want, regardless if teams are losing money.

You blame the owners for everything, yet you fight against any mechanism that will correct the problem. The only solution for you is the status quo, which obviously is not working.

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