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09-11-2004, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Listen, i'm not making anything for myself , iT's just reality.

PLAYERS deciding not having hockey next SEASON = STRIKE
OWNERS deciding not having hockey next SEASON = LOCKOUT

Now is there a STRIKE or a LOCKOUT coming in ?

Stop twisting the reality.

The public transportation adminsitration wants their bus drivers-subway to take a 25% paycut & the drivers association is saying.

The public transportation decide to close the all the subway & the bus until they get what they want ?

Will you blame the DRIVERS because you can't take the BUS or the SUBWAY in the incoming days ?
If the drivers want so much money that it will destroy the whole system, then yeah, it's the drivers' fault.

Why are the Oilers losing money? It's not because they're badly run, of course, so what is it? I'd like to find that out.

It doesn't matter whether it's a strike or a lockout. I'm not sure why you're so concerned about that, because it's not an issue. It doesn't matter if the way things are now is the fault of the players, the owners, the fans, or the CBA.

What matters is that there's a huge problem (although people like you seem to refuse to acknowledge that, even though it's hit us all upside the head with both barrels), and it has to be fixed. The owners are the only ones trying to correct this problem. The players and their joke proposals don't help.

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