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09-11-2004, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
I understand this & agree with this but the problem is that NHLPA made offers & owners want a hard cap or a lockout.

I'm not saying NHLPA offer is the best but at least they are willing to make compromise in order to help the owner while having what they are looking for which is having a free market (sort of).
This would only work if the the luxury tax kicked in around the $30-35 million mark at least until they can get the game have more revenues (i.e., much better TV deals).

As a fan of the game it is just really frustrating to hear some of the stuff coming out of the NHLPA (their PR people aren't very good). Ted Saskins (I think that is who is part of the NHLPA) said that what the NHL is asking for is a cut that is taintamount to a cut from $60,000 a year to $40,000 a year and how would you feel...well to all the fans that make that amount and less that buys tickets to the game that pay for the salaries that a player cannot take $4 million a year rather than $6 million. Not very many fans are gonna cry a river for them...Unions are good for the people that are employed by people that pay them $40,000 a year when they should be getting $60,000...not for millionaires and you won't find too many sympathizers.

I love watching hockey and I lived in Edmonton who had sell outs almost every single game but still completes (though rarely gets out of the first round) and I lived outside of San Jose that has fan support when the team is a contending team...I paid my hard earned dollars to see them and they all they do is complain that they can't continue to make millions well if the game was really great the good players would be getting endorsements that is what Wayne Gretzky did and he never got paid what the average player is making but he did make a lot of money on endorsements...I don't have sympathy because I am a fan and I think they are being greedy. Maybe I would be too but I think I could manage quite nicely making even a million year for 20 years...I could retire early...maybe they need to learn how to manage their money too.

Awe well we probably won't see what system is in place for at least a year or more so all we can do is just wait and see how they resolve it.

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