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09-11-2004, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan

NHLPA saw that 75% of that 224M$ was the loss of 6 NHL TEAMS

NYRangers , St-Louis, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, NYIslanders. I still dont know the 6th!
Great work, RF, top to bottom. I don't think the point can be emphasized enough. Some of the things you describe as incompetence may be a deliberate structure in the integrated company. It is common in the entertainment industry. The content loses money but the distribution of the content makes a ton. Almost every business is very complicated, impossible to sort out.

I don't know the source of the information in this case, but a source also told Larry Brooks that the Ranger's were the number one money loser. Goodenow is almost surely describing St. Louis as a second team as you pointed out. I also like New Jersey and the Islanders as members of the top six.

But Pittsburgh? How could the Penguin's lose a lot of money with that payroll? Insurance picked up the tab for Mario. The teams with small payrolls didn't lose a lot of money. The teams that lose money - however they do it - surely have winner's payrolls and loser's revenues. I'd put Washington in that group for sure, probably second to the Rangers.

The whole thing strains the credibility. The Blues lose money unless the players basically play for free? How can that be? The Rangers would lose money if their payroll was about $40 million? On the face of it it seems ridiculous.


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