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09-11-2004, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by djhn579
That is the problem. Some of the owners just don't care. The rest of the owners have no choice but to try to remain competetive. If they don't try to remain competetive, they lose fans, then they lose their teams (bankruptcy).
Nonsense. Ottawa knew Bonk was going to ask for $4mil and probably get it, similarly Lalime. We lost them. Fans are cheering.

As long as there is nothing preventing all owners from spending unwisely, the owners that do spend wisely will need to try to keep up with the handfull of owners that don't spend wisely.
No, teams like Atlanta, Florida, Nashville, Tanpa Bay, Columbus dont have to keep up with the spending of rich teams. That is exactly the wrong strategy.

How can Tampa Bay compete against Colorado when they have $10mil Forsberg and Sakic? How can they compete if they cant buy a similar $10mil player? By developing their own cheaply, and paying for them only after they have earned all the extra playoff revenue.

You cant buy a champ. You have to grow one. You need a system that accomodates starting cheap and growing.

No matter what system, if you accumulate a lot of good players, you have to make choices. More so under a uniform team payroll cap.

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