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Originally Posted by DagenaisRibeiroRyder View Post
I have over-pronating feet.

I have 600$ orthotics for my running shoes which are great.

But I need something for my Vector 10.0 hockey skates, and not ready to shell out for custom orthotics.

Do any of you have the same problem?

What do you guys suggest?

(i've tried superfeet and shock docs does nothing for me)
My left foot pronates while my right foot is fine. I solved the problem with Graf skates and having the holder adjusted. The pitch of Graf skates has you more on your toes and I found this helped with pain that I was getting in my arch. The pitch of the skate puts me more on the balls of my feet thus taking some of the weight off of the arch. The holder was also slightly adjusted so that it lined up a little more towards the inside of the boot, compensating for the pronation. Footbeds are good but do not resolve the issue IMO. Any questions, let me know.

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