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04-08-2009, 09:57 AM
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[QUOTE=score0123;18816654]I still think that they did it because they feared that if they went back on their stance of not selling individual tickets, then next season no one would buy the passes, and I do think that would be an issue. While people in the city love Lakehead hockey, I believe that a good portion of them would not care to attend the games between the other teams. That being said, I wish they had filled the place up. It has been discussed in the news that they will be reviewing that policy for next year, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just stuck with the tournament passes only stance until game day next year, and then go ahead and sell individuals. Plus, as I said in an earlier post, I think that they will package the 2 games as a day pass, rather than just selling the LU tickets individually. I think that's the smart move on their part as well if they do that.

My understanding is that the organizers felt it was the only way they could make money on the tournament. There's a general feeling that Thunder Bay people are fans of Lakehead but not necessarily of CIS hockey in general. Hence, the fear of selling plenty of tickets for the Lakehead games and zippo for everything else. There's a degree of economic sense of having X amount of dollars up front that selling passes brings, and it allows for situations such as bad weather, etc. not impacting the gate. People seemed surprised when the idea of selling day passes on the day of at a premium mind you was being bandied about. Hard to believe that wasn't a point of discussion among the organizers. I know there's a fear of ticking off the pass holders, but the "premium'' aspects allows for a saving if you by a pass, thus making it an easier sell. Having less than 2,500 fans in the rink for the national final was embarrassing. And it reasonated with many of the viewers who watched on national TV. Sad but true.

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