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04-08-2009, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Dude, that statement could be made after ZERO games, let's get serious. Moyer is old. Brett Myers is a headcase--something he did nothing to disprove last year. Hamels has already had elbow issues. And Chan Ho Park has sucked for his entire career outside of Dodger Stadium.

There are significant concerns with the pitching staff that need to be proven not to be.
Yeah, I love to defend the pitchers, but there are definitely question marks and it's not just because of the 2 games.

Myers - Headcase and judging by Opening Night, he's completely forgot all the stuff that made him so good last year. Needs to throw his fastball for first pitch strikes and use it to make his offspeed stuff more effective, but refuses to do it which leads him to throwing 89 MPH fastballs down the middle on 3-1 counts. Guess where those end up?

Moyer - We all love Jamie, it's hard not to, but let's remember that his ERA in 07 was 5.01 and that he's doing nothing except getting older.

Hamels - Pitched 79 more innings in 08 than he did in 07, that's a huge red flag right there.

Blanton - I agree, I'm fairly comfortable with him as the 4. The problem is that if Hamels gets hurt and Myers implodes, we're probably asking him to be the 2.

Chan Ho Park - Nothing really needs to be said.

JA Happ - I wouldn't mind giving him a shot, but who knows if he can pitch at this level?

Kendrick - I really like the guy, but I'd be surprised to see him in the MLB again.

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