Thread: Proposal: Detroit-Montreal (Offseason)
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04-08-2009, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by X8oD View Post
Assuming both Hossa and Franzen dont agree to paycuts, and they only sign Franzen [rumored 3 and a half a year over 3-4 years]. The wings will go into next season, if they JUST sign who they ahve with 3-4 mil in cap space.

After next season, Lidstrom's Contract is up, and you can guarantee he wont take almost 7 again. So save 2-3 mil on him [I am gonna guess 2 years 8 mil]. Maltby, Draper, Osgood all come off the books. Thats another 3 mil saved there. Thier replacements will already be on the roster [Helm, Lieno, Abkdelkader] and Money already aloted. So you add 2-3 replacements/rookies/depth guys for 1-2 mil total.

Fact is, Detroit could very well go into the "cap hell" season [read: the year the cap may drop] shedding nearly 10 mil on salary before adding people they need, with thier top 6 already set.

That said, all this is moot, They wont sign Luongo, lol.
Jimmys stats this year
Jimmy Howard GP 44 GAA 2.53 SV 0.915 W21

As for his pedigree and his last two years in the AHL (all respectable)

I think you'll find that Halak and Howard have a closer value than youd think. Though I agree I give Halak the edge for the reasons I mentioned before (consistency).

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