Thread: News Article: Dynamo Moscow signs Omark and Harju
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04-08-2009, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
How do you even know he will be playing in a couple years?...he could just as well receive a career ending injury during his first shift as an Oiler.

Players only have a small window of opportunity to make money in this business. And if money is being thrown at a player, I don't blame them to taking it (especially with the world financial crisis going on) because nothing is guaranteed in the future.

You people act like because he's Oilers draft pick Omark 'owes' Edmonton something.....and if he signs somewhere else it's a slap in the face to Edmonton.

Get real. These are real life decisions......not some some fantasy hockey world lived from behind a computer.
If you're going to use that logic, why bring money into it at all? There are far worse things than a career-ending injury, and all the money in the world wouldn't do you any good.

No, nothing's guaranteed in the future... such as getting paid by a KHL team.

He's not likely to get any more interest than he has now. If the NHL is where he wants to play (supposedly), why jeopardize that? Why not work towards it?

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