Thread: News Article: Dynamo Moscow signs Omark and Harju
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04-08-2009, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Seachd View Post
What has he done to deserve a guarantee to play in the NHL? Finishing 3rd in scoring in the SEL does NOT guarantee an NHL roster spot. Why should it? If it did, NHL rosters would be completely full of Swedes. Why not step on the ice in North America a couple times to prove it first? If he's that confident in his abilities, why not come to Edmonton and get your big payday when the CBA says you can have it? Because a million dollars is nothing compared to what he could be making soon. If this is the big break he's been waiting for, he's in for a giant surprise.
How many players on their entry level salary are 3rd in scoring in the SEL? How many of them go on and then plays in the AHL when they are getting paid less than 100k? It makes absolutely no sense to risk your short career playing in the AHL when he has been great in a superior league. So, yes I do think he deserves a NHL roster spot right now.

In the KHL he is taking a step forward and getting paid great money. He still has a chance to play in the NHL and get drafted by another team. That makes perfect sense to me. If he signed without a guaranteed roster spot, he risks playing in the AHL, doesn't get guarentee life changing money (which matters to ANYONE) and his chances of playing in the NHL are not any higher than his chance going from KHL to NHL. His contract is only one year long, some team will draft him to get his rights, and guarentee him a spot with good salary (w/ bonuses). I could see the Leafs do it with their cap space.

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