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09-12-2004, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Top Shelf
the NHL ... has the least restrictive CBA.
what ? the NHL restricts their players for the first 13 years of their career. how would you like the NBA style where after the 1st contract, players can leave for no compensation (other than the teams right to match) and then after that, players are completly unrestricted.

in the NHL, TBY will be able to keep LEcavalier for 13 years, Orlando couldnt keep Shaq in the NBA for more than what, 3 years ?

all TBY has to do to keep Vinnie for the first 5 years is offer him a 10% increase and there is nothing Vinnie can do about it except not play in the NHL. some choice huh.

the NHL CBA is the MOST restrictive in all the leagues, not the least.

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