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09-12-2004, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Kasparov
Let's compare Theodore and Luongo for a second...

First of all, let's talk about rebounds, and how horrid Luongo is at giving them up.
This is because of his style, he doesn't really incorporate technical skills into his game. He sort of wings it and let the rebounds fall where they may. Theodore is a much better goalie in the terms of technique and rebound control. Luongo is bigger and covers more of the net. His pads look huge too... dunno maybe its just me, but they look very bulky.

I know whenever i saw Luongo in the regular season i was never really impressed or "scared" when my team played against him. I don't think Luongo is as good as Theodore yet, and he might never be.

To me, Luongo is over rated.

He's over rated because of the shots he faced in the regular season, boosted up his save % and GAA. Truth is, he really wasnt that great.............
Luongo can be over-rated. But you have to consider also this fact : there is two very different Jose Theodore. One win the hart award and one has big problem. At its vary best Theodore is better than Luongo and maybe Brodeur (some poeple will say he was playing over his talent, it can be true but he did it 2 years ago). But when he get problems, he is not the same goaltender.

And another fact his in the last playoff, he doesn't seems to but at his best. He wasn't be able to play like 2 years ago... I think this is the reason why we saw Luongo on the ice....

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