Thread: News Article: Dynamo Moscow signs Omark and Harju
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04-08-2009, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Digger12 View Post
Of all the things I've read in this rather large thread, this is the one thing that truly angered me:

"Edmonton has said that they have enough small players, that there's nothing wrong with me, but that Im small. That doesnt feel that nice to hear, so it's not just about the money. I want to be in the NHL, not in the AHL."

You would've thought the Oilers would have learned from the disaster of their 2003 draft, where they passed on Parise because of these exact same sentiments that they relayed to Omark.

5 years later, and they haven't learned a thing.

IMO the Oilers come across as pack of bumbling idiots. After tantalizing the fanbase with videos of him on their own bloody website, after Kevin Lowe gushing about his talents on HNIC After Hours for a national audience, after Tambellini gushing about him on the radio, now the Oilers fail to sign him after all that buildup??

He may never amount to much, but there's no denying he was one of the few pieces of good news we've had this year on the prospect front. And now he's gone, because the Oilers have this fixation on draft position dictating what a player's potential will be.

If Omark had been a first or 2nd round pick and had the exact same career progression as he's shown so far, there's no doubt in my mind that the Oilers would've signed him, or at the very least offered him the max deal they could under the current CBA...but because he was a 4th round pick, we get the "we have a lot of small guys" speech. Never mind that we have no idea how many of our current <6' tall group will even be on the roster 2 years from now.

Oh well, on to the next circus act.
I really agree with this. They really have not learned their lesson, and knowing this off-season they will probably waste ALL their time on Hossa (who wont sign here) and lose Kotalik for much cheaper.

This team just does not learn their lesson. Its really unfortunate that CLB got the Oilers gem in Howson.

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