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04-08-2009, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Valic View Post
Again, what you are saying isn't truthful at all. You claimed the Oilers frantically rushed out to try sign him because of a youtube video.

This is False. 100% undeniable.

You now claim, I think Omark is the 2nd coming of Gretkzy. I never made a single claim about him even being succesful in the NHL.

My claim is he is a legitimate prospect and not some kid who scored a fancy goal on youtube.

You are 0 for 2.

I'm not even claiming that, I am merely pointing out to people that Omark is far from a flavour of the week youtube sensation. People who have no clue what they are talking about seem to think he popped onto the worlds radar last week with a trick shot in the shoot out. When infact he has been one of the most talked about Oilers prospects in years, has had one of the biggest jumps in production of any drafted player not playing in the NHL.

I'm just arguing he has real legitimate potential to be an NHL player.
No, but he has the same qualities as Zetterberg thus, if he keeps his play up, he could very well be as good as him.

Originally Posted by shadow1 View Post
I was exaggerating.

But apparently not all that much if you guys honestly believe he has the potential to be even close to as good as Zetterberg "if he can translate his game".
uhhh, watch him play....go to youtube and look at every video of him. Not just the shootout goal. Every other goal. He creates chances like no other player, can find the open slot and make a play happen, and he has a very good shot. You obviously are too obsessed with that shootout goal to think that's the only reason why he is 'hyped'.

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