Thread: News Article: Dynamo Moscow signs Omark and Harju
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04-08-2009, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by JBell84 View Post
Let me sum this up for you.

The Oilers sign him on a 2-way entry level, expecting he'll be an NHL player, and telling Omark that they expect him to be (many interviews with Omark indicate this is the only way he signs here)

The Oilers hold a big press conference, shake hands, smile and plaster his youtube clips all over the place.

Omark's 875k is spent now, on an NHL roster spot. This money cannot be spent elsewhere, whether it literally can be or not is meaningless, it's spent on expectations.

Now, we have Omark expecting to be an NHL player and the Oilers expecting a top 6 forward. Omark has already shown that he believes he will be buried in the AHL - this speaks to his confidence level at the NHL level. If Omark under-performs and has to be sent down, Oilers get a rep for mishandling promising young prospects (something we are unfortunately already quite familiar with). I don't need to tell you why this is bad, do I? Not only this, but the organization has another Schremp, or maybe at best, a Nilsson on their hands. Bad publicity and bad for morale.

Now, if Omark pans out, great, hooray for the good guys, they finally did something right, right? Sure, but you need to think of the negatives of signing a player under these circumstances. Had Omark handled this differently and come over willing to play his way onto the team instead of demanding unearned respect and demanding that we treat him as if he were NHL ready, the entire dynamic changes.

The risk is too high, and it would be a bandaid signing for the end of this horrible season. Changes need to be a little more rational than following the hype machine, I'm sorry.

I know it's a little more thinking than throwing "**** KLowe, **** Tambellini, and **** the way the Oilers do business" labels on everything, but just try it.

edit -

Exactly, well said and I'm glad someone else agrees. I'd also like to add that I'm as disappointed as any that it had to end this way with him, but... it had to end this way
The Oilers do not have to make a big deal out of the signing, or say he is going to produce. We can sign him quietly, simply say, he has a ton of potential and will be in camp to compete for a roster spot publicly.

The reason Omark think he might end up in the AHL is because of the vibe he obviously got from the Oilers, like them saying they have too many small forwards already.

I see your view, but none the less do not believe it is even close to a legitimate reason not to sign him.

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