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09-12-2004, 06:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
Réjean Tremblay is a french editorialist. He's not the great hockey analyst when it's about the game but he's still one of the most respectful journalist when it comes to get to the source.

maybe it will put some light into the ignorance of the pro-owners or the pro-lockout of this world.
Good article but it passes no real judgement on whether the owners/players are good or bad.

The owners neglect one important aspect in that conflict. The players are educated & used to respect their leader & to sacrify themselves. It starts at 12 years old & they obey to the coach & follow their captain. Older, their are experienced & physical, the fight for their smaller teammated, they go in the corners to pass the puck to the talented players. So if their coach is Goodenow & their captains are Linden & Damphousse told them to fight, they will fight. That's how they made of.
All it tells us is the players are brainwashed from childhood to do as they are told and are very good at it.

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