Thread: News Article: Dynamo Moscow signs Omark and Harju
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04-08-2009, 05:56 PM
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This is the kind of short sighted thinking that would drive a team into a hole it could never dig itself out of. You can't go signing every little pipsqueek to put up an impressive season in Europe to a $2M contract and guarantee him a spot in the NHL, because you're afraid he might turn out to be good
BS. First of all if he signed for 1,2 mil in KHL he wasn't demanding 2 mil in NHL. Second, he put up impressive season in Europe, you think it's a usual thing. There are many players who do that at his age. The answer is no.

I suggest you read up on some of the more insightful posts in this thread, and come to understand why this is good for the Oilers. He's most likely (by a long shot) not ready for the NHL, and he's high risk / low reward to find out if they sign him immediately. This club has used up all it's contract space for gambling on players like that, and then some.
Ridiculous. How do you know if he is ready or not? By watching youtube videos?

And do you think the Oilers management didn't know this? Think about it this way... if the Oilers wanted to they could have easily mislead him and said "oh sure buddy, you're awesome, you'll never see the AHL" but CBA restrictions would have kept him on a 2 way contract anyway. Instead they were honest with him... so ask yourself "why?". I think there are 2 reasons; first, because if he goes to the KHL we all get to see how he progresses and the Oilers don't lose his rights. Second, because putting the challenge out in front of him, you get to find out whether Omark is confident he can do well in the NHL. If he turns and runs, that's pretty good insight into his confidence no matter how much overzealous fans like yourself choose to ignore it
That's laughabale really. Is this a good management by your understanding? LEt's see Oilers have a prospect who's tearing up a professional league in Europe which happens very rare because this leagues are dominated by vets. Season ends, a prospect wants a deal with Oil. Oil tells him, son, you're way too small for us, you gotta pay your dues in AHL for 50k. And this prospect has an offer for 1,2 mil. He tells Oil, no thanks let's have this conversation again next year when you will have a spot to compete on your team.
And now you say, haha Omark runs away, bust. he has no condfiedence and his game will not translate. What is that? Basically you are happy that a very good prospect slipped from your teams hands because he didn't wanted to play for 50 k in AHL and pay his dues? Great, tough attitude from Oilers management and good old fans like you really.

I can get that you can dislike Omarks actions, but how on the World the fact that Oilers didn't sign their best european prospect is "good for Oil"? No words.

Only good thing is that Oilers as I understood don't lose his rights. thoughm I'm pretty sure he could compete for a roster spot next year.

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