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09-12-2004, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
how rude... Russian Fan clearly has english as a second language and makes a HUGE effort to explain himself in great detail so that this issue can be debated from both sides and you slap him in the face by telling him you dont bother reading what he has to say ?

as far as i am concerned, until you apologize to him, i will make a great effort to ignore your posts on the issue. you dont deserve any more replies.

I don't see much point in apologizing since I'm just a naive socialist and utopian that can't figure out that just because teams lose money, it's not bad management on everyones part. There much more to it than that, but people like you and Russian Fan just don't want to believe that if teams walk away from arbitration rulings or refuse to pay players large amounts when they hold out, that teams will be hurt and even more money will be lost. That has been said time and time again, and has been seen with various teams (Boston, Buffalo are cheap and don't want to pay the price to win, even though paying that price will cause them to lose more money)

My not reading the rest of the post had nothing to do with how much effort he put into explaining his position, it has to do with it being a very long winded discussion with much the same points he has previously stated and still continueing to ignore many other fine points that others have made.

If it was just a simple matter of bad management decisions, I'm sure the best minds in hockey and the CEO's of mutibillion dollar corporations would be able to fix that on thier own. There is more to it than that, but you refuse to see that just because you want there to be hockey this season and you don't care if teams would not be competetive if they consistently walked away from arbitration awards or demands from the best players to be paid what others similar players are being paid, even if other teams don't care if they lose money.

The owners need something to protect themselves from other owners that don't give a dam about anything else. That has to be done in the CBA. The CBA must be agreed to with the players. The players will need to allow this change to happen, or teams will go bankrupt (if things are as bad as they say). Regardless, salaries will come down or jobs will be lost.

P.S. I'll apologize to Russian Fan when he apologizes for calling me naive, a socialist, and a utopian just because I have an opinion different from his. As for you, I have already been trying hard to ignore your posts, so I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this CBA - we will never see eye to eye on this.

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