Thread: Proposal: Detroit-Montreal (Offseason)
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04-08-2009, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
Habs not that interested in Flippula. Face it...3 million a year for 40 points. We could resign Lang to give us that, and keep Halak. Let us negotiate with Franzen, if we can sign him by the draft, how about Halak for Franzen's rights and Wings #1 pick?

Before you all jump on me this isn't a bad deal. Halak is a good goalie, be #1 goalie in NHL if not for Price. A #1 goalie, 24 years old with Halak's upside making 750,000 a season is worth something.

Halak...think Vokoun - 10 years ago
LOL... most ridiculous post i have read all day. (and ive read posts of people saying Jiri Hudler is a great skater!)

Im sorry but rights to Franzen contingent on a deal is worth nearly a first on its own. IMO. Worst case its worth a 2nd. (dont like that deal put ur bid in on july 1st... Oh wait you cant because someone else would pay it)

Yet you suggest the Rights to franzen + a 1st for a Goaltender worth at max a 20-30 first rounder. (i think that is generous). Halak is a good goalie but hes proved very little and imo isnt worth more than Brzy, Huet etc on stats alone. Is age/RFA status is what puts him into the low first rounder range.

Rights to Franzen + a 2nd would be a reach. I cant see you getting more than a 3rd. Most likely the offer would be like this though. Rights to Franzen+Howard for Halak+4th.

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