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09-12-2004, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by djhn579
I don't see much point in apologizing since I'm just a naive socialist and utopian that can't figure out that just because teams lose money, it's not bad management on everyones part. There much more to it than that, but people like you and Russian Fan just don't want to believe that if teams walk away from arbitration rulings or refuse to pay players large amounts when they hold out, that teams will be hurt and even more money will be lost. That has been said time and time again, and has been seen with various teams (Boston, Buffalo are cheap and don't want to pay the price to win, even though paying that price will cause them to lose more money)
1st - I never ask you to apologize to me because we are disagreeing on the subject. What I think was direspectful was that I took the time to write something NOT TO DEFEND THE PLAYERS but to tell you LOGIC BUSINESS AVENUES. Thing that you don't just see because you are only related the expense to the players salaries without thinking if the franchises are doing ALL IT TAKES to maximize their revenues. I won't do it again to explain.

2nd - I sound like i'm on the players side but i'm not. I'm on the side that 99,9% of the owners & this is not about hockey franchises, lies about what they really make or loss. Just by reading the day to day newspapers or business magazines, you find all sorts of companies changing their mind, saying something completely the opposites of what they said weeks , months ago. This is the case in the NHL also with the Flyers claiming loss when they actually make some profits. Pittsburgh ownership whining they can't pay for their players but not say why they can't ? Because they have one of the worst league revenues from their arena & they are stuck in this arena for X years.

I'm not on the players side but what lies can they tell you ? Everything related to salaries are public notoriety so there's can't be lies.

This is not assumption but it's fact
Players revenues : Open to public, clear in the CBA that it need to be shared to the public.

Owners revenues : NOT OPEN to the public, Owners can decide that every concession stands are conditionnal to the arena which is not related to the hockey operations. Owners can decide that they own an AHL teams to develop their prospects but every AHL franchises revenue is not related to the NHL franchises but the AHL contract are usually paid by the NHL entity.

See I'm not talking about UFA's, RFA's, draft entry level. Simply about accountability & management.

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