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09-12-2004, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by djhn579
If it was just a simple matter of bad management decisions, I'm sure the best minds in hockey and the CEO's of mutibillion dollar corporations would be able to fix that on thier own. There is more to it than that, but you refuse to see that just because you want there to be hockey this season and you don't care if teams would not be competetive if they consistently walked away from arbitration awards or demands from the best players to be paid what others similar players are being paid, even if other teams don't care if they lose money.
What if for most owners, an NHL franchises is just a toy. They are rich & successfull & when they takeover the team all they want to do is having fun with it & winning. The team would just be a PR showing to show that they can afford a BIG TOY like an NHL team.

Also YOU NAILED IT , if the owners would have put their best managements staff like they did with their ''REAL'' companies, we wouldn't talk about the CBA because it would have been renewed.


No i'm not, this CBA has 10 YEARS OLD & the owners in concert with the GM, starting reading it after 8 YEARS !!! Does that sound good management to you ? Does ot sound like the best MINDS of hockey was on it ?

For the first 8 YEARS of the actual CBA, not a single GM's thought about the advantages a franchise is having in that CBA. They start thinking about it when they were in a dangerous financial situations. Does that sound good management to you ? Does ot sound like the best MINDS of hockey was on it ?

While maybe this is where you can blame the PLAYERS for this but the NHLPA took what they had on their side & used it to get good contracts. THIS IS GOOD MANAGEMENTS, THIS IS GOOD ACCOUNTABILITY. NHLPA did their homework with the CBA starting in 1994 while the NHL owners/gm sleep on it until 2002 & manage their with business as usual.

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