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09-12-2004, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
1) because they are not accountants and shouldnt concern themselves with identifying what is revenue or not.

2) because they want to be paid what the owner is willing to pay them and not be held back by an artificial system.

Everything you just said is true & to be maybe more explicit

1) NHL players are the sources of expense of an NHL franchise. They are not partners in any franchises nor when they signed a contract a % of the team have been given to them. All they've been asked is PERFORM.

2) Because players don't trust an owner that can easily with good management expand their profit while continuing tying the players salaries with a cap.

Since summer 2003 players is having a hard time getting ''great contracts'' la John Leclair because the GM's are more aware of the situation. Do the players whine because Ziggy Palffy can get 9M$ ? nope because the free market in 2004 won't give Palffy or Demitra the M$ that was gived so freely in the past.

MLB situation : Alex Rodriguez got 250M$ for 10 years = 25,000,000$ / year

I remember the experts claiming that if there's one player that could get the 25M$ /year in baseball is Vladimir Guerrero. He turn down a 75M$/5 years for 15M$/year from the EXPOS because he thought he would receive WAY MORE from some teams.

Vladimir Guerrero finally sign a 65M$/ 5years contract for a 13M$/year contract.

Everybody thought Guerrero would have made 25M$ & he even lost 10M$ for refusing a contract before he was about to be a FREE AGENT.

This is what happens in the NHL TODAY !!!!

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