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04-09-2009, 12:19 AM
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People get so hung up on names and the high numbers that they fail to realize the bigger picture.

What is Heatley?

Heatley is a winger that makes 7.5 million dollars a season and should be good for 40-50 goals. In the economy that we live in today that is 7.5 million dollars per season until 2014. I wont complain that Heatley only has 10 goals in 34 playoff games. This is just about the regular season.

7.5 million for 40-50 goals per regular season.

With that in mind, the Sens are paying there franchise center 7.0 per season. Spezza is supposed to be one of the games elite playmakers. With the money he is making is it unreasonable to suggest that he turns 20-25 goal scorers into 30-35 goal scorers? Is that to much to ask? I donít think it is. I think that is very reasonable.

Now the Sens have 24 million invested into four forwards (Cash + Fisher). I think that is to much. I would deal Fisher and Heatley in an instant and invest most of that money in defense.


So we come to the deal I proposed.

I believe Christian Ehrhoff is an emerging top pairing defenseman. He skates fantastic, he has the threat of a point shot which the Sens desperately need and is very sound in the defensive end. Playing 21-22 minutes a night. He makes 3.1 for two more years.

Now I also threw in Cheechoo because of salary on the Sharks side, his past accomplishments. Makes 3.0, sure Jason Spezza should be able to turn him into a 25-30 goal scorer cause we are paying Spezza 7.0, to do that. Cheechoo makes 3.0 for the next two years.

Your gaining a top pairing defenseman and your losing what 20 goals tops if Spezza does his job properly and makes Cheechoo into a respectable goal scorer. I think the addition of Ehrhoff more then makes up for that loss of goals on the wingers. Thatís just me though.


Plus now your out of Heatleys long term deal. In two years if those two pieces donít work out you can then throw 7.5 million dollars at a defenseman. But I do think you solve the top pairing defenseman issue in Ottawa with the addition of Ehrhoff for the next eight years.

7.5 million for 40-50 goals
7.5 million for 25-30 goals + 40-50 point defenseman

I know what I like more.

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