Thread: News Article: Dynamo Moscow signs Omark and Harju
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04-09-2009, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by AkageNoKeri View Post
"full-of-themselves primadonnas"

You don't know Omark and you probably haven't seen him play. He's the opposite of a money-grubbing primadonna. He knows his value and he's still young. With the Oilers he might get two years of AHL play with crappy pay and bad living conditions and he knows he's good enough for the league, and in the KHL he'll get to play with his best friend and make tons of money. The NHL is still there in a couple of years when he's done in Russia and he might even play for the Oilers then.

"I think he took the short-term KHL money and will be looking for a bigger payday as an UFA later."

He sure did. There are more options for European players these days. That doesn't make them primadonnas though.
Hehe what can i say, this post is enough. Sour Oilersfans admitted or not should be cool, there are other talent that might want to play AHL hockey. I understand Omark, He is better than that. AHL is ok, but he is more than ok. Oilers did this the way they thouht were the best, but im not that sure.
He is not a primadonna Huge LOL at that! Someone posted here that he cant do nothing against a NHLdman at 5.9. LOL. just LOL and iam at work rolling on the floor almost. Have a good one.

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