Thread: News Article: Dynamo Moscow signs Omark and Harju
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04-09-2009, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by MAscis View Post
Hehe what can i say, this post is enough. Sour Oilersfans admitted or not should be cool, there are other talent that might want to play AHL hockey. I understand Omark, He is better than that. AHL is ok, but he is more than ok. Oilers did this the way they thouht were the best, but im not that sure.
He is not a primadonna Huge LOL at that! Someone posted here that he cant do nothing against a NHLdman at 5.9. LOL. just LOL and iam at work rolling on the floor almost. Have a good one.

Tell us, oh great one, with your crystal ball, when Omark comes to the NHL, how many points will he have?

Jesus the guy's small, we've seen what small forwards in the Top-6 can and cannot do, we have a whole line of them.

He's 5'9'' and 168 pounds, or 69 inches.

That puts him in a group(albeit a large group, a very large group) of players, who are the 4th shortest in the NHL.

All players who are 5'9'' and have put up points in the NHL: (Lets say 30 is the cut off)

Martin St. Louis
Derek Roy
Sullivan(He's at 29 in 39 gms)

Basically 29% of all forwards 5'9'' or shorter, this season have scored more than 30 points. So yes, it is a legitimate concern.

Not only that, lets see some other players in that scoring list. Hlinka is 4th in that league scoring, and he has his cup of tea on the avalanche and left for Modo.

Niko Dimitrakos is 11th in the league in scoring. He was nothing more than a STUD 4th liner. I mean, he provided energy and hustle, and and hustle.

Brad Moran is 15th in the league in scoring. Member him? A career AHLer/PB filler.

Point is, these guys, former NHL drop-outs, are scoring at a pretty good clip in the SEL, is it hard to believe that the Oilers may have a little uncertainty about giving him the rookie max? I mean, a situation that is probable, could be giving him a two-way deal, him struggling, sending him down, and paying him $3 million of our cap for him to develop.

Jesus, the overreaction on this board was a sight of failure. Just relax and see whats going on.

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