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04-09-2009, 01:31 AM
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It's very disappointing that 2/3 goals they got were from our own stupid mistakes. You cannot turn the puck over like that, in that area, that many times and not have it eventually come back to hurt you.

Originally Posted by burnlikestars View Post
1. Rinne got beat on at least 2 perfect shots. The first caught the post and went in with not a milimeter to spare and the backhander went right up into the only tiny corner of the net that was showing, it was an awesome shot.

2. The turnovers were the problem. I thought Hamhuis and Ward led the way here. How many times did you see Ward blindly drop pass or back pass into the slot where Hawks were waiting.

3. On the attack, we had at least 4 huge rebounds pop out into the slot for open net slam dunks and no Pred was ever there. ever.

6. I didnt win beer for a year. What an awesome prize. But I did get a foam finger.

7. Im tired of this central division/ hope all these teams do great in the playoffs attitude. Screw all of them, I hate every team that is not Nashville.
1. I agree, that Toews shot was just a perfect shot. Suter just left Byfuglien stand there and put the rebound in. Actually, Suter tried to crosscheck him in the side as he was putting the puck into the net. But what good would that do when the guy is already inside the crease between the defender and goalie with a wide open net? But the other's I think he should have had...

2. ...But when your own teammates keep turning the puck over 10-20 feet from the net how many times can you make the save before it eventually goes in. Rinne didn't play great, but he did make some good saves to keep us in it.

3. There is either no one there or the Predator whiffed or the puck bounced. Or JP passes a shot to try a pretty pass. I remember specifically Sullivan and Fiddler in the slot and it went through their legs all the way to the other end or they just missed the puck entirely.

6. I didn't win beer either. I didn't win a damn prize at all. I didn't win any prizes, the Preds lost because of their own crappy mistakes and they fell to 9th place. I didn't feel very appreciated at all.

7. Me, too I hate them all. If we don't make the playoffs (still holding out hope...We CAN DO IT!!!) then I want them all to lose in the first round.

Originally Posted by burnlikestars View Post
oh I forgot to mention, it is hard to watch a jackass slide a puck into your empty net when you know that he should be in the box serving HIS FREAKIN 4 MINUTE PENALTY.
NO KIDDING!! Or hell he should have at least had a 2 minute holding the stick call since he grabbed Suter's stick from Suter's hands and used it to club Nichol over the nose.

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