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04-09-2009, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Mojo027 View Post
Now before some of you asshats come in here and start flaming, and completely lowballing... let's use some objectivity. I'm not saying that Kaberle is as good as Dan Boyle, but he is close to as good offensively, slightly worse defensively and similar in size. The Dan Boyle trade was:

To SJ:Dan Boyle, Brad Lukowich ... To TB:1st Rounder (v.late), 4th Rounder, Ty Wishart (top Dman prospect), and Matt Carle (solid youngster Dman).

Some say that TB got robbed, some say that SJ got robbed. But like it or not... a Dman who is quite similar to Tomas Kaberle but maybe slightly better got a heck of a lot in trade IN THE SUMMER.

I think Kaberle will fetch a mid-late 1st Rounder and a good prospect/youngster.
SJ had at the time determined Matt Carle was expendable. He had a horrible season and was surpassed by younger, better dmen.

Wishart was the only prize there, other then the very late first rounder, and many would say Wishart was made expendable and somewhat redundant by Petrecki.

So you can look at that deal as a "1st, a top prospect, and a good youngster"...

Or more accurately you can look at that package as "A very late first rounder, a high end expendable prospect, and a struggling youngster".

Personally, I think Toronto should hang on to Kaberle, build around him. He is skilled, and he isn't old. The only reason they should be looking to get rid of him is if he's a liability on the ice, in which case all the posturing on HFboards won't help a thing. He won't fetch the package many Leaf fans think he will.

So I guess my answer to the question would be a late (20-30) 1st round pick. No chance he gets a pick in the top half of the draft.

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