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04-09-2009, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
I love HF boards

Just to make it clear..I for one, believe we're going to win tonight.

But some people crack me up..

This is how a good portion of the season has gone..

Before the game: YEAH!! GO HABS GO!! I wouldn't miss this game for the world!! We have awesome skill and the guys will play with tons of heart!! No way we can lose! YEAHHHHHH!! I believe!

After the game: ****!!!! Bunch of heartless ********! I KNEW I shouldn't have watched the game!! I just KNEW we'd lose! Damnit! We have absolutely no skill and I knew there would be NO way we'd win tonight! Do I Believe? Pfft..yeah right!

lol, how do the kids say it? That's how we roll.

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