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09-12-2004, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
which makes you wonder why go through this BS. they should negotiate some concessions on a shorter term CBA and then peck away at the deal over time.

its partly why i am so anti owner in this case, because they should know better and should have a better strategy instead of this scorched earth all or nothing policy.

Well, that posturing by the owners is very typical of any negociation process. To be fair, up until now it's very normal for both sides to play the uncompromising tough guy. We weren't even close to CBA expiration (in negociation terms).

Now they will most likely let it expire at which point talks will resume and we will see how serious the NHL and NHLPA are. Historically, the NHL fols like a cheap suit sooner or later so I expect the same this time, with minimal gains.

I think both sides are making extreme demands all the time. It just happens that instead of a compromise in the middle, the NHLPA has been very good at getting pretty much exactly what it wants.

Which makes all the cries by fans demanding that Goodenow be fired by the NHLPA absolutely hilarious.

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