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09-12-2004, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
if i was the owner, id say damned be development, no one with an NHL level contract is playing, period. unless they of course signed an idependant contract with that AHL team. however, i would use all my leverage with the AHL to deter them from sidetracking the labour stoppage.
The NHL team is contractually obligated to provide players to the AHL franchise. I suppose it is possible that they could go out and hire more players for the AHL team but that would leave them with 70 odd contracts if the dispute settles and they only have room for about 45-50.

It would also mean the AHL would be trying to sell ECHL hockey at AHL prices. It is not in the interest of the NHL teams to screw their AHL affiliates and it is not in their interest to let their young players sit. Anyone who can clear waivers and has a two way deal will be going to the AHL.

I doubt if Hasek's conditioning stint will last long. The Senators won't want to pay that money to a minor league goalie. They will want to keep their minor league goalies, the goalies they are developing, busy.

seriously, if the young uns are the sacrificial lamb, you arent going to get htem to vote to accept a cap by letting htem play. if you want to get those guys on side, make them sit too !
It is one of the ironies. The young players can't be offside. Their salary has been capped so they have not cashed in yet for the most part. They have the most to gain and the least to lose by sitting a year. The players who have cashed in - the ones with the most to lose and the least to gain - are onside because as Yzerman said on the CBC the other night, "I got to cash in because the older players in my position in 1994 held firm. It's my obligation to do the same now."

Lots of them are not happy about it - Roenick and Hull have both made comments - but none of them will break. I don't think the owners can win a battle of wills with hockey players. To the owners the fight is just about money. To the players the fight is about winning and teamwork and doing whatever it takes. There isn't going to be a salary cap. There isn't going to be a link between revenues and payroll.


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