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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
The 40-game rule is only to be able to send him back to juniors. He lost the off of his contract when he played his 10th game. I believe that's the rule. It's only been 2 months since I had to refer to it last.
No actually thats not quite right. after 10 games a year is off his contract, yes but after 40 it counts as a full season towards UFA status over RFA status.
From what I'm reading here Sbisa gets a full season for having 40 games on active roster

ACCRUED SEASON - a season of service used for the purposes of determining eligibility for unrestricted free agency. A player earns an accrued season if he is on his club's Active Roster for at least 40 regular-season games [30 if a goalie]; if a player suffers a hockey-related injury while on the Active Roster, the games missed due to such injury also count as games on the Active Roster to a maximum of the season in which the injury occurred and one (1) additional season.
ACTIVE ROSTER - the group of players signed to a SPC and who are not on the Injured Reserve List, Injured Non Roster, designated Non-Roster, or Loaned; includes players who are on a Conditioning Loan and players who are suspended. The Active Roster exists from the day before the start of the Regular Season, and expires at the end of the team's last NHL Game in a League Year, and has a minimum size of 20 players and a maximum size of 23 players.

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