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09-12-2004, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Linden
"I want you to know that the players will not strike.... we’ve pledged to play next season while we continue to negotiate..."
At last year's rates, no doubt. A sweet deal for them. The status quo. A money loser for teams. Not exactly the most reasonable position. Offer a temporary reduction or volunteer to binding arbitration if you're sincerely wanting to play hockey this year.

Originally Posted by Linden
"Fans have asked me what’s wrong with accepting a salary cap like the ones used in football and basketball. Besides imposing severe and artificial limits on the market value of a player, salary caps also handcuff team managements.

To stay under cap limits, clubs are forced to get rid of popular players or to take a pass on signing players who could help the club improve. Fans take a back seat under salary cap systems, where accountants rule, players come and go and winning becomes secondary."
Wa?? THe NHLPA is thinking of what's best for team management? Fans take a back seat under salary cap systems?? Maybe in Detroit and Colorado if they want to load up before the trade deadline. But, even then, moving players around less quickly is more in the fans' interest, as fans get attached to players and don't want to see them go to the team with the deepest pockets.

Despite the NHLPA's appeal to the fans, when a lockout comes, BOTH sides will deserve our resentment. Neither side has the high ground. Fans lose with a lockout because BOTH sides are looking out only for themselves and nobody's looking out for the fans' interest.

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