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09-12-2004, 10:27 PM
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Last October we presented a proposal that included a luxury tax system, a proven success in Major League Baseball.
A success? Not bloody likely. Just because you have a deal doesn't automatically mean success. George Steinbrenner doesn't give a rats ass about his luxury tax.

To stay under cap limits, clubs are forced to get rid of popular players or to take a pass on signing players who could help the club improve. Fans take a back seat under salary cap systems, where accountants rule, players come and go and winning becomes secondary.
Translation: Teams cannot offer certain players the money they think they are worth. The players care more about their inflated salaries than they do winning. Popular players accepting less money in order for their club to stay under the cap so they can commit to winning with their club, is just not an acceptable solution.

I sure hope Bob Goodenow wrote this because I don't want to believe my favourite hockey player is this stupid.

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