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09-12-2004, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Waveburner
No they didn't. It provided some help but it was FAR from "bankrolling" them. The MLB system does not work at all. Payrolls are massively out of whack and teams are still losing money. The FA's only go to about 3-4 different teams. If thats a system that "works", professional sports will never last.
Yes they did.

The deal called for baseball's other owners to buy the Expos for $120 million from Loria, who agreed to pay $158 million for the Marlins. The balance would come from a $38 million interest-free loan made to Loria by baseball's owners--a debt that will be reduced by $15 million or so if Loria can't get a new stadium.
Loria still remembers being pilloried after the Marlins ran out of hot dogs on opening day in 2002, six weeks after he took control of the team. But he soon started to make decisions that would lead to a World Series victory. While some low-revenue teams, like the Kansas City Royals, pocket the money they get from the league's revenue-sharing system, Loria used the $20 million or so a year he got from rich teams like the Yankees to hike the Marlins' payroll by 49% in his first two seasons to $52 million. He used the money to sign stars like catcher Ivan Rodriguez. "I didn't sit on my wallet," says Loria.

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