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09-12-2004, 10:59 PM
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In contrast, the players want a fair deal for both sides. We have offered very significant concessions, worth hundreds of millions of dollars in response to the league’s stated concerns.
and correct me if im wrong, but it doesnt but up the total losses for the teams. so what good is it?

Last October we presented a proposal that included a luxury tax system, a proven success in Major League Baseball.
ah hahahahahahah. what a joke. the poor teams are still poor, and the rich still have the advatage. its nowhere close to balanced. and one team being the exception doesnt change things. there are always outliers.

changes to the entry-level system
does anyone actually know what these changes are? if its only 5% per year increase instead of 10% as a rookie cap, then its worthless.

To stay under cap limits, clubs are forced to get rid of popular players or to take a pass on signing players who could help the club improve. Fans take a back seat under salary cap systems, where accountants rule, players come and go and winning becomes secondary.
yet teams can be a non contender one year, and a contender the next. and funny how the Pens were forced to get rid of popular players, and there is no cap. hmm....

We believe that a marketplace system where owners determine a player’s value, as they have for more than eighty years, is the best system for our fans and our sport.
almost 300M in combined losses and the fans taking the owners side. yeah, that's working really well right now. the everyday middle income person has a hard time affording tickets. but thats what they want as a fan.

i cant help but beleive the PA even less now after this letter.

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