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09-12-2004, 11:24 PM
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wow man should warned ya, unless you're a PC gamer there is absolutley no reason to buy EA Hockey games....they dont' even bother trying anything anymore it's sad. No improvements over what everyone complains about but they dont' care, there is no competition on the PC and that's what sucks. I really wish Sega would port over a few games for us diehard pc gamers....they might find a little nitch for themselves......NHL was the only game I used to buy on a yearly basis but the last 2 years I gave up on them, downloaded the game (yes probably not too legally) and played it for a day...then deleted all the files just because of how horribly put together it was.....just a sad thing....

The last game (hockey) I really enjoyed from EA was I think 98 or whatever one had Forsberg on the they're all the same with stupid enhancements (cards? Very gay and I dont' mean that in the homosexual way) and taking a step backwards in the graphics department which is sad cause I know of many guys out on the net that could do ALOT better of a job on the graphics in a shorter time.... lazy bastids.

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