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09-12-2004, 11:57 PM
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What is lost in this fact is the fact that in 1994 Baseball went on strike and the World Series was wiped out. Who here in Canada or the States was a baseball fan before 1994? Of course, all of us were, it was a simpler game at that time. But baseball never has recovered in 10 years!
Who here has heard this: "Oh I used to love baseball, but then the strike came......" You see Goodenow and Bettman would have a deal done by now if they were focusing on the good of the game. Not each others egos. I blame guys like Bryan McCabe for saing "we'll sit out the rest of our lives," as well as owners who pay guys like Bobby Holik $9 million.

Is this the best time for a lockout? Somehting is wrong with the game if ou have the most exciting Stanley Cup Final in 10 years and the lowest ratings in the States. If there is no deal come Sept. 15th the GAME is in trouble. ANd dont think for a second that Bob and Gary wont be getting their meal tickets (aka paycheques) either

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