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09-13-2004, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Jay Thompson
More to the point, I think it would be a mistake to handcuff a successful team when it comes to resigning their guys with a low cap. For instance, let's say you're team wins the cup. Would you want to see the franchise player, or if not him, key players beyond him, sent off in favour of draft picks just because the franchise guy wants a pay hike to $10 million and the cap is breached?

I personally prefer the luxery tax to a cap as a fan. The idea that a cap will make Edmonton (for example) better off I think is a fallacy. Any team that gets good is going to be near that cap, that is if it's $40 million or low, you can bet on it. Winning teams will be blown up due to financial reasons. I don't think that's fair. Rather than seeing that, why not give that team an option to go over the limit if they must, but set in place a system that will support a team like Edmonton or Pittsburgh when it does happen.
This is true, and I agree with you here. All you have to do is look at the NFL and see championship teams blown up because the key guys for the championship want raises. The team can't afford to sign everyone, so they either have to a) cut guys, b) trade for picks or c) both. Heck even teams who haven't won the championship have to cut guys because they need to stay under the cap. This kind of situation is akin to Edmonton needing to jettison all the stars they've developed simply because they can't pay them. In a cap, they'd have to jettison players because they need to stay under the cap.
Roster movement increases, so now you can't have a core of a team stick together anymore. In hockey, chemistry is so important. With constant changes to the roster, how can they play together? Just look at the Rangers!
The NFL works under a hard cap because they have ridiculously great TV deals. The NHL has nowhere near that kind of contract with the American TV stations.

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